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It is stupid to play from an online casino. Don’t say “don’t be silly, I’m winning, speak for yourself”. In many betting societies, you can see the man whose life is hurt by this issue. primarily gambling is a serious illness and requires treatment. I recommend you watch the movie owning mahowny. A dialogue in the movie:

psychologist: how would you rate the thrill you got from gambling, on a scale of one to 100?

Mealen: While the excitement he felt while gambling was floating above a hundred, his greatest excitement for anything other than gambling was of twenty mahowny out of a hundred.

Don’t say “fucked up”. Gambling is a psychological illness and you can be sure that anyone who goes this way will surely come to this end.

The biggest trap of online casinos stands out in the psychological dimension of the business. For example, most of us cannot take 25 TL out of our pockets and play slots, but when the business is digitalized, we can risk huge money by pressing 2-3 keys at a time. Also, do not try martingale or something, all software understand this after a while and you can lose all your money since your safe is not unlimited.

stay away from this job. Especially if you accidentally won, you ate the quince. “Is it that easy to make money?” While you are thinking, you suddenly get carried away. After all, there is a concept called maximum payout and the safe never loses. Someone’s mother is crying while you win, and the next time you are most likely you will be the mother crying.

If there is one thing more important than curbing your fear of loss, it is; When you lose, you can accept the situation and leave the table.

It can be a fun and pleasant activity as long as it is not played with high amounts and large risks are taken. The important thing is to hold on to yourself and control your desires, and that’s exactly the point.

In fact, these kinds of games are useful for testing one’s own self and getting to know one’s personality fully. When you can withdraw while losing because of this, you actually become a winner.

Return of the crazy money, but they are not legal in turkey lawful played all kinds of illicit Gocek. Nowadays, it has also hit online Turkish casino employees due to excessive fluctuations in exchange rates. The returns to casinos in € and $ are quite high. their homeland is England, Latvia and Malta. As someone who has worked in malta for a long time, I can say that; There was no cheating in any of the online casinos where I worked. bets10, tempobet, tipico, bwin, grovenner, unibet …. the Turkish people who throw shit on everything intangible always “cheat, roulette there is a magnet, there is a rope, you press the button, the system knows which number to bring, in blackjack the cards are not actually dealt to the screen. You are reflecting the cards you want ”he says so many silly and unheard-of things, but no matter what happens, he continues to not lose big money. No online casino needs such tricks, and it wins a lot. inspections are made periodically.

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